About us

Our story

The eastern part of Slovenia is home to wonderful people who inspire us with their easygoing nature and genuine generosity. Visitors leave these parts consumed with positive impressions and inspiring stories from small-scale, niche providers that the “Sončni vzhod” tourist agency would also like to present to the rest of the world.

To this end, the representatives of six local action groups have joined their forces, thus realising the long-standing desire of our providers and local communities to structure the offer of Podravje, a part of Pohorje, Ptujsko polje, Prlekija, and Slovenske gorice, and offer it on the market in the form of tourist packages.

We are working together to design interesting tourist products and packages, in which we want to involve as many tourism stakeholders from the region as possible. In this way, we want to encourage our providers to innovate and be creative, which helps us to boast an exceptional variety of offers.

What do we offer, and for whom?

Experiences and the profile of our typical guests

With all interesting experiences and attractions from around the world, we constantly neglect the undiscovered gems from our own country that we would now like to present to the wider environment, all the while keeping it primal and unencumbered by mass tourism. In shaping our programmes, we are focusing on unique providers with whom we cooperate directly and with whom our visitors will also be able to develop a more spontaneous, genuine relationship. Here at the “Sončni vzhod” travel agency, we offer unique, lesser-known experiences which helped us to define the profile of our typical guests.

They are curious, active explorers of nature and cultural heritage who enjoy being pampered and who are always on the lookout for a calm environment which allows them to develop a genuine contact with said environment. Their favourite colours are green and blue, and what they enjoy most is letting their gaze wander over vast plains or the horizon of distant hills. Our guests’ eyes light up when they find a well-groomed garden or vineyard of a homestead, and the highlight of their experience is a homemade meal prepared using local ingredients.

In the sun-soaked east of Slovenia, our guests will find anything their heart desires!

And why have we chosen the name “Sončni vzhod” (which literally translates as “the sun-soaked east” but also means “sunrise”)? We are located in the eastern part of Slovenia where we can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets from our hillsides. Combining this with the fact that this part of Styria is among the sunniest parts of Slovenia, the name practically came up naturally.